Cochise County Historical Society
Membership Form       We encourage and value all members.  Please click on the link above and print out a membership form.  Not only does your membership entitle you to our journals, but you help support on-going and upcoming projects of CCHS to advance the history of Cochise County.  If you would like to get involved, we can use your help.  We are an all-volunteer, county-wide organization and seek to represent all of the county.  Thank you.




            The Cochise County Historical Society was founded in 1966 as the Cochise County Historical and Archaeological Society in Douglas, Arizona.  At that time,noted archaeologist Charles DiPeso and others, including those affiliated with Cochise College, were active in exploring archaeological finds in Cochise County.

            Publication of the Cochise County Historical Quarterly began around 1971 as a quarterly publication.  Around that time, tax-exempt IRS status was granted.  For a number of years, CCHS maintained a small museum in Douglas with various artifacts.

            In the 1990s the archaeological part of CCHS’s mission was dropped,and the museum closed.  Most of the CCHS collection was dispersed to other museums around the county.

            The CCHS office moved to the Douglas/Williams House in Douglas around 1998. (The Douglas Historical Society is primarily responsible for operation and maintenance of the Douglas/Williams House, which is owned by the Arizona Historical Society (state of Arizona).) The office is still there, where CCHS rents a room. CCHS does have an extensive photo collection, some of which has been catalogued.  We also have a book collection.

            Our main mission is to work to preserve the history of Cochise County by publishing our journal, now published twice a year. We encourage the study of history in Cochise County.  The journal is intended to have articles of scholarly interest, but not be strictly academic.  Local writers are encouraged.

               Cochise County has a diverse and glorious history.  We have more mammoth kill sites than just about anywhere else in the US.  Native Americans,Spaniards, pioneers, outlaws and mining all have left a legacy here.

            When one thinks of Cochise County, Geronimo, Cochise, Ft. Bowie and Ft. Huachuca,Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, Tombstone, copper mining and cattle ranching are just some of the things that come to mind.  There is enough history here, so we do not need to embellish our past.  We just find it exciting enough we want to make it accessible, accurate, and visible.


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